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San Marino is a small, affluent city in Los Angeles County, California. In 2009, Forbes ranked the city’s ZIP of 91108 as the 79th most expensive area to live in the United States.[1] The city was named after the Republic of San Marino, which is also present in the city’s seal, with the Three Towers of San Marino.

To a prior generation of southern Californians, San Marino was known for its old-money wealth and as a bastion of the region’s WASP gentry. By mid-century, other European ethnic groups had become the majority; in recent decades, immigrants of Chinese (especially Taiwanese) ancestry have come to represent nearly half the population.

San Marino may be recognizable to many Americans for the prevalence of movies and television shows filmed in the city. Location scouts turn to San Marino when they wish to make a film in southern California set elsewhere. Certain neighborhoods resemble the Atlantic seaboard because of the atypical housing stock in the city, including Georgian and faux antebellum mansions. Yet the design of many homes is inspired by California Spanish architecture. Television shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and movies such as Father of the Bride [disambiguation needed] have been filmed in San Marino and Pasadena.


Located here is the renowned Huntington Library, former estate of Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927). He founded the Pacific Electric Railway (the red cars) and financed the Los Angeles Railway (the yellow cars) both of which once operated a widespread network of streetcars in urban Los Angeles County. Henry Huntington played a major role in local real estate development. His uncle-benefactor and business partner Collis P. Huntington was one of the Big Four railroad magnates who in 1861 had founded the Central Pacific Railroad, later acquiring the Southern Pacific Railroad. In 1919 Henry Huntington opened to the public limited access to the art collections, and to the rare books and historical documents, housed in the library and in his large neo-Palladian mansion, as well as to the surrounding botanical gardens, all collectively known as the Huntington Library. Huntington Drive and Sierra Madre Boulevard (on whose midways once ran the streetcars) serve as the main thoroughfares of San Marino.

El Molino Viejo (“The Old Mill”), completed about 1816 as a grist mill for Mission San Gabriel, is in San Marino. The original two-story structure measured 53 by 26 feet. It is the oldest commercial building in Southern California.

Another landmark is the Michael White Adobe House, located on the high school campus.

The Edwin Hubble House, residence of astronomer Edwin Hubble, is a National Historic Landmark.

The University of Southern California owns a house in San Marino which is used as the residence of the President of the University. The residence and grounds are often used for University Presidential events.

In the middle of San Marino lies Lacy Park, a huge 30 acre expanse of lush grass and trees rare for urban areas. Originally Wilson Lake in 1875, the land was purchased by the city in 1925 and dedicated as a park. Families in San Marino have enjoyed the park for years, and it remains one of San Marino’s best kept secrets. The park includes six championship tennis courts and pro shop, administered by the San Marino Tennis Foundation. At the west entrance of the park is the Rose Arbor, which is of special significance for the people of San Marino. It is sixty years old and has long been a source of beauty and tranquility to many residents. In recent years the care and upkeep of the Rose Arbor itself has been augmented by private donations from dedicated residents who have chosen to sponsor individual posts.

The city’s local newspaper office is located in the heart of town near the city’s most prominent street, Huntington Drive. “The San Marino Tribune” has been the official newspaper of the city since 1929. There are two sections of the weekly paper, an “A” section and a “B” section, the distinction being that it covers not only San Marino news but also San Gabriel Valley news.

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